ANPR Management Software

Access Control situations are the most challenging uses of ANPR as a high accuracy rate is required. The Suilvision HD Cameras are proven in Car Park scenarios and  are usually positioned at the entrances and exists and are often required to connect to barriers, LED signs or traffic lights.

The ANPR system is required to read all license plates of approaching vehicles to allow access to employees/visitors or guide them to specific lanes for fast track entry. Personnel databases are synchronised and updated as new Drivers/vehicles are added.

Access Control

There is a real requirement for vigilance to potential risks and secure automated access control to and from Car parks.

The Suilvision Access Management System (AMS) has been developed around our highly successful Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. With read rates of up to 99.5% the system leaves you in little doubt to who has entered your Car Park and allows automated access to vehicles in the management database.

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