Suilvision provide a full ANPR system to cater for Site entry/exit security utilising Barriers of Gates. The ANPR system is made up from the S Range of cameras, usually the S1 or Bollard camera, a Processor and the Application Software package.

The system is fully automatic whilst allowing users to configure the software to allow vehicles in or out depending on the criteria.

The user will have the ability to input data into the system for each employee, visitor or guest through an easy to use window which will assign a vehicle to the person and its corresponding number plate. The system will keep a log of all activities and provide several reporting functions.

An authorised vehicle will be allowed in or out of the site depending on the information provided, this will be way of raising a barrier or opening an electronic gate once the plate has been read and the criteria established.

The system provides the user with remote access to the database from up to three locations by way of a Client application program supplied as part of the package.

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