Suilvision Automatic Number Plate Recognition

The Suilvision Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems are suitable for all current applications. The High Definition (HD) system can provide complete coverage of 12 metres (4 lanes) with one single camera.

Suilvision offers a complete range of digital systems from the 6 metre wide entry level system to the 12 metre wide high level system. This equates to the entry level system reading over two lanes with one camera to the high level system reading over 4 lanes width with one camera.

Incorporating intelligent vehicle tracking throughout the field of view, including bi-direction and junction mapping, the Suilvision ANPR systems are capable of high speed plate recognition from fast moving high density traffic.

The systems have a powerful new trigger algorithm which can locate multiple number plates in the same field of view and read them much faster than other ANPR systems.  Each plate is processed multiple times ensuring superior performance and higher accuracy, typically in excess of 99%.

For complete flexibility the ANPR systems can communicate on a variety of mediums including hardwire TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, 3G or GPRS. For longer cable distances the system can utilise Fibre optic cabling.

The Standard front end Viewing software which is compatible with all the HD systems, can be located on a standard PC anywhere on the end of a Network, ASDL or 3G connection.

A full range of applications can be added to the system to provide solutions including, but not limited to, barrier control, BOF interface, Journey Time, Traffic Speed reduction and Car Park management.

For more complex systems the professional multi-site viewer is available allowing multiple connections from a large number of remote sites.