High Definition automatic number plate recognition is unique and provides up to four lanes of traffic monitored by one single camera. The advanced software has been developed to work with multiple lanes of traffic and incorporates a highly efficient unique plate finding system.New high performance, multi-threaded statistical image technology optimised for high resolution high speed digital imagery representing a significant advance over industry standard neural network and template matching methods.The processors provide superior vehicle trigger and plate read accuracy, capable of reading dirty, damaged and poorly imaged licence plates, optimised for both visible and infra red lighting.

Each processor is matched with the correct level of engine software which works with a choice of Suilvision S type Cameras.

The built in software provides for simultaneous inputs from multiple video streams with unconstrained plate detection, tracking and reading - unaffected by plate rotation, skew and perspective effects.

The systems are easily set up with fully automated calibration, scene learning and traffic flow characterisation - no post installation set-up required.

The Processor houses the ANPR Engine software and the basic database. All vehicles have a snapshot of the number plate image and an overview image saved as standard. The software determines which lane the vehicle is in before cutting the overview image from the overall scene. The overview image is high definition and can be enlarged on viewing.

High Definition ANPR Processors