Associated Bracket Datasheet

 Phantom Number Plate Recognition Camera

1080P Mega Pixel Camera with synchronised infra red LED illumination

 High performance image width 10.0 metres lane width at up to 35 metres

The Phantom Camera uses 1080P to deliver a superior performance and characterises the new generation of number plate capture cameras and provides a breakthrough in ANPR technology resulting in high quality images up to a width of 10.0 metres. Also featuring remote control lens functions.

Integrating camera, lighting, Remote zoom lens and electronic lighting control into a neat production unit. Each unit is pre-calibrated and tested for simple installation.

The Phantom Camera has a read range of 5-35 metres at up to 10.0 metres road width. The camera incorporates a remote control zoom lens enabling the installer to adjust the camera  including zoom and focus from our software, either on site or via the Internet The camera controls automatically adjusts using the unique Suilvision set up Monitor software providing high focal accuracy for road widths up to 10.0 metres.

HD S5 Camera

The Phantom camera is ideal for multi-lane roads such as dual carriageways and motorways. The Phantom is also used on entrances to site or car parks where the width of the entry/exit road is up to 10 metres wide.

The camera can be used with the Suilvision Application Software or some customers prefer to use their own software and link in the ANPR database using the SDK

The system is used on Motorways by the Police and it links into the BOF software.

Product Application