Low Cost ANPR cloud Solution

A straightforward front end setup, cost effective and simple to install. No on site server required.

ANPR provided in the cloud as a service, access through mysuilvision portal or SDK. Flexible PA or PCM subscription, everything included. Scale up/scale down as needed. Can be integrated into an existing solution of form part of a bespoke on-site solution.

Web Portal

Visibility across all sites nationally with central site configuration, control and setup. Fully Bespoke location types with location attributes and zones within locations. Open architecture allowing you to model an infrastructure bespoke to your location.

The new Engineering Graphical interface allows the user to select a map of the car park and draw multiple zones for splitting car parks into individual car parking areas. An intuitive ANPR Camera icon is placed at the entry/exit of the car parks indicated direction of traffic (in, out or bi-directional). Once the map is completed the cameras can be named and at the push of a button the database is fully set up and ready to go. This is particularly useful for large car parks with multiple zone arrangements.