Associated Bracket Datasheet

Featuring the latest in Machine Vision camera and LED technology the Nimrod Camera delivers a superior performance and characterises the new generation of number plate capture cameras.

The heart of the Nimrod is a high resolution 1080P camera with new efficient LED illumination. The Nimrod provides a breakthrough in ANPR technology resulting in high quality images across a 6.0 metre width.

The Nimrod is an all-in-one system integrating camera, lighting, remote control zoom/focus lens and electronic lighting control into a single production unit. Each unit is pre-calibrated and tested for simple installation.

The Nimrod is fitted with a 3 - 9mm remote control zoom/focus lens to provide a plate capture at a focal distance of between 3 and 15 metres at a width of 3 - 6.0 metres. this makes the camera ideal for vehicle entrances such as car parks.

 Nimrod Number Plate Recognition Camera

1080P Mega Pixel Camera with synchronised infra red LED illumination

 High performance image width 6.5 metres lane width at up to12 metres