Suilvision have produced over 2600 Cameras!

Suilvision cameras and software are used in a myriad of application around the world and the company continue to improve all aspects of the product with the recently launched Lightning and Phantom cameras proving to be extremely versatile and popular.  Our software development team are working hard on finalising our graphical engineering interface to allow for easy set up of car park zoning. This along with HD Video clips and overview images result in a very comprehensive package. Please also remember we have our new SDK for people who wish to build their own front end applications.

It is testament to the quality and reliability of the Suilvision products that we have now just passed the production of the two thousandth camera. Continually developing and investing in state of the art design has enabled Suilvision to keep at the forefront of technology and produce cutting edge products. As we move onto the next phase of development exciting new software is becoming available with the particularly interesting video server we have built to take video streams from all the ANPR cameras and additional separate HD overview CCTV cameras providing video footage of events around the plate read. The new Engineering Graphical interface allows the user to select a map of the car park and draw multiple zones for splitting car parks into individual car parking areas. An intuitive ANPR Camera icon is placed at the entry/exit of the car parks indicated direction of traffic (in, out or bi-directional). once the map is completed the cameras can be named and at the push of a button the database is fully set up and ready to go. this is particularly useful for large car parks with multiple zone arrangements.