High Definition ANPR Cameras

Product Focus

HD Cameras

Suilvision cameras provide a wide range of options for ANPR applications. Utilising 1080P and 5Mpx the cameras are capable of reading number plates at widths up to 12 metres wide from one single camera. All cameras incorporate high intensity LED infra red illumination which automatically activate when required. Remote control lenses are a feature of the cameras along with remote light control and power management. As with all the range the single camera will also provide an overview image of the vehicles along with the plate read.

The top of the range camera is the Lightning which has built in Processor and 3/4G router with Wi-Fi and a host of remote control functionality including the fully controllable lens capable of reading plates at a distance of 35 metres with a 12 metre road width. There are three camera models in the range to provide the very best ANPR Solution.

The Lightning Camera is a fully integrated unit incorporating camera, LED, zoom lens, electronic lighting control, micro processor and 3/4G Wi-Fi modem all into one stylish housing. With remote control  lens and power management via the intuitive CCA application the camera only required power to get it up and running.

With a read width of 10 metres as standard and 12 metres for the Lightning V at a distance of up to 35 metres the camera can be set to read the most challenging scene. The range on onboard remotely controllable functions allow for easy set up and remote power reset.