The HD Bollard Camera delivers a superior performance and characterises the new generation of number plate capture cameras. The heart of the HD Bollard is a high resolution 1.3 Mega Pixel IP camera with new efficient LED illumination.

The HD Bollard is an all-in-one system integrating camera, lighting, lens and electronic lighting control into a robust Bollard unit. Each unit is pre-calibrated and tested for simple installation. .

The HD Bollard camera is set up with a Vari-focal lens preset to provide a plate capture at a focal distance of between 5 and 15 metres at a width of 3 - 6.5 metres this makes the Camera ideal for vehicle entrances such as car parks.

The S range of cameras read plates in colour in visible light automatically changing to IR monochrome when the light level drops.

 Bollard Number Plate Recognition Camera

High definition Bollard camera complete for reading up to 6.5 metres

Bollard Camera

The HD Bollard camera which is a fully integrated unit incorporating camera, LED, zoom lens, electronic lighting control, in one stylish housing is a popular part of the Suilvision range.

The Bollard camera is ideal for Car Parking applications and is extensively used in conjunction with entry/exit barriers.

It is a robust unit made from mild steel and fully galvanised before being finished in a colour to suit.

Product Application

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